Wellness Care in Laurel, MD

Whole Body Wellness

Hirsh Chiropractic Center believes in treating patients without the use of drugs and avoiding surgeries if at all possible. Instead, we help the body maintain and heal with the hands-on approach to wellness.

Nutritional Counseling

We can help analyze your nutritional habits and outline strategies to improve your daily eating routine. As they often say, “You are what you eat!” So invest in a healthy diet and you will have the opportunity to become all that you wish to become. You diet is a critical component of your well being.


Exercise is a critical component of your health and wellness. While chiropractic adjustments are necessary to allow the body to heal itself, exercises will help maintain good form and strength.

Lifestyle Advice

Since chiropractors are known as “wellness doctors” it makes complete sense that your doctor of chiropractic should take the time to recommend lifestyle advice that can benefit you. The process includes taking an inventory of your daily schedule and activities and offering sound advice on how to improve them. The wrong decisions in our lifestyle can affect so much of our physical health – so it’s important not to overlook this critical component of your visit.

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