3 Simple Tips To Prevent Neck Pain

Avoid stressors that put strain on the complex anatomy of your neck. Your neck consists of bones, joints, nerves, connective tissues, muscles and the cervical spine runs through your neck which consists of seven vertebrae. This complex system can be treated with chiropractic care yet there are simple tips to avoid preventable neck pain. Contact Hirsh Chiropractic Center for chiropractic adjustments to keep your spine aligned and free from subluxations and pinched nerves.

These 3 simple tips below can keep you pain free!

Keep your head centered over your spine so gravity works with your neck, not against it.

Adjust your posture and sitting position to keep your head centered as much as possible throughout the day. Make adjustments to your seat or desk so that your knees are below your hips and your neck isn’t straining. Take frequent breaks if you find that your posture is not ideal while working or driving. Avoid tucking your phone between your ear and shoulder as a hands free option – use a headset instead. Maintaining a centered posture takes the pressure off your neck and spine and you will see the results immediately.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach and sleep on your back or your side with a proper pillow.

Sleeping on your stomach puts strain on your neck and can cause you to wake up with a “stiff neck” and back pain. This pain can become chronic over an extended period of time. Instead, sleep on your back or your side with a pillow meant for these sleep styles. If you must sleep on your stomach, your pillow should be thin and soft. Back sleepers should have a medium size pillow with an ergonomic pillow being the best choice. Side sleepers need a firm snug pillow that fits between the shoulder and head so that your neck and spine are aligned. Less stress on your neck means no pain in your neck.

Maintain a strong base for your neck with stretching and exercise.

Stretch your neck by pulling your shoulders down while leaning your head to each side to stretch your neck muscles. Additionally, maintain a good support for your neck by strengthening the muscles around the shoulder blade and back of the shoulder. Flexibility and strength is a winning combination for any joint including the pivot joint in your neck that lets your neck move your head in all directions. Prevention is always the best medicine and neck pain can easily be prevented.

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